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EC Regulation 852/2004 obliges food companies to ensure that all operational staff who handle food are monitored and trained in food hygiene, depending on their role.

The aim of any food hygiene training is to increase the awareness of hygiene among all participants. Laws and regulations can only create the framework conditions for handling, producing or selling food. Hygiene-conscious behaviour must become and remain the norm when handling food on a daily basis.

  •  Determining the focus of the training
    o Agreeing on specific training priorities
    o Identifying any characteristics of the site which may affect the training
  •  Conducting food hygiene training for up to 25 people in accordance with the Infection Protection Act
    o Taking into account any site-specific conditions
  •  Documenting any follow-up training according to the HACCP standard
    o Food Hygiene Regulations, annual
    o Infection Protection Act, every two years