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  •  Site inspection and analysis of the actual hygiene situation:
    o Identifying of weaknesses
    o Identifying of inadequacies according to the HACCP standard
    o Identifying the need for action by staff 
  •  Identifying critical control points
  •  Developing individual checklists for the business, such as:
    o Temperature monitoring of food requiring refrigeration
    o Inspection of incoming goods
    o Expiry date monitoring for cold/dry storage
    o Retained samples
    o Temperature monitoring of food distribution
    o Pest control
  •  Creating individual cleaning and disinfection schedules with a free choice of products
  •  Dishwasher/glassware washer settings
    o Determining the hardness of the water and conductance
    o Checking the washing and rinsing temperatures
    o Test run of dishwasher and reviewing the results
    o Training of staff
    o Documenting service performance in accordance with DIN 10510
    o Adjusting the dispensing equipment to Dr. Becher products*
  •  Calculating economic efficiency on request
  •  Providing documents for follow-up staff training
  •  Briefing the person responsible and handing over the hygiene concept, including editable files with the aim of:
    o The person responsible for hygiene adapting the hygiene concept in the light of any changes
    o Reproducing the documents for your own site
 * For product liability reasons, the dishwasher or glass washer can only be adjusted using products from Dr. Becher.