Your individual way to hygiene

We create your individual hygiene concept on-site. Site inspections will provide an objective view of the actual state of your business in terms of hygiene. This allows targeted improvements to be implemented. A good hygiene concept provides legal certainty where your duty of care and product liability is concerned.

As part of its duty of care, every food processing company is responsible for creating a so-called HACCP concept. Such a hygiene concept in accordance with the HACCP standard should be easy and quick to implement.
The most important legal requirements for handling food are specified in:

  • EC Regulation 852/2004 on food hygiene

  • Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 on general food law.

The key elements of the new EC Regulation 852/2004 on food hygiene, valid since 2006, are:

  • The primary responsibility for food safety lies with the food company.

  • Standardised regulations apply from producer to consumer.

  • Food must be traceable.

  • In the case of food which cannot be safely stored at room temperature, particularly frozen food, the

  • cold chain must not be interrupted.

  • The temperature of food requiring refrigeration must be monitored.

  • Documentation is compulsory for all companies. Training obligations have been expanded.

Our range of services is individually tailored to your requirements. It ranges from the all-inclusive package, i.e. the creation of your individual hygiene concept, to the targeted selection of individual services such as adjusting your dishwasher, to the training of your staff. When employing our services, it is not necessary to use products from Dr. Becher.
We offer you three different service packages. The costs of these packages are based on the size of your company and the desired scope of services.